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Pet Spa Suites offers grooming and bathing services for your pet during their stay with us. Grooming rates vary from breed to breed, so it is best to give us a call for the grooming rate for your pet.

For bathing, we use all natural shampoo products that are non-toxic, biodegradable and cruelty free.

Our Basic bath rate includes a warm water bath, ear cleansing, towel dry and 5 minutes of blow drying by hand. Please note that, as we do not use cage dryers, long haired breeds may be slightly damp with a Basic bath. Longer blow drying time is recommended, at an additional cost.

If your pet is just coming in for bathing/grooming and is not boarding at Pet Spa Suites, you will be notified once your pet is ready to be picked up. At Pet Spa Suites we strive to keep your pet comfortable and relaxed at all times and therefore request that you collect your pet within 45 minutes of being notified, otherwise your pet will be assigned a VIP Suite and you will be charged a daycare fee. If you are unable to collect your pet within the time frame above, we recommend taking advantage of our daycare service in addition to your pet's bathing/grooming service.

A clean pet makes you and your pet happy!

Special Needs
For puppies or pets with sensitive skin, please request our hypo-allergenic shampoo for bathing, which is extremely mild and derived from natural sources such as Corn, Coconut and Palm Kernel Oils.
A medicated flea and tick shampoo is available on request.



Bathing Rates
Basic bath from $15
Nails clipped $8

Please note: All the above prices are subject to Sales Tax.

Grooming Rates
Please call 281 548 2582 for our current grooming rates